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hp-sdn-client 1.0.4

A python library to make interacting with the HP SDN Controller REST API easy

Latest Version: 1.1.1

HP SDN Client

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**A Python library that makes interaction with the HP SDN Controller REST API easy**

Author: Dave Tucker, Hewlett Packard


Full documentation is available `here <https:"" en="" latest="" index.html="">`_

Usage Example

To use the library ::

import hpsdnclient as hp
controller = ''
auth = hp.XAuthToken(user='sdn', password='skyline', server=controller)
api = hp.Api(controller=controller, auth=auth)


Sample Application

Please see examples/

Running the Tests

The unit tests can be run with tox. Make sure you have modified hpsdnclient/tests/ before you run ::

tox -e py27 -v -- -v

tox.ini has py26, py27 and py33 environments, but only py27 is supported today.

For functional testing, a working HP VAN SDN Controller is required. Mininet is used to generate a test topology.

Set your environment variables on your workstation and mininet VM as follows ::

export SDNCTL=""
export SDNUSER="sdn"
export SDNPASS="skyline"

It is recommended to download the Mininet VM. On the VM, start the following topology ::

sudo mn --topo tree,2,6 --mac --switch ovsk --controller remote,ip=$SDNCTL

Run the functional tests using ::

tox -e functional

The functional test for applciation uploads requires access to the internet to donwload a sample appliction.  
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