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html2md 0.1.3

Mobilizes web page content, then convert it to markdown

# html2md

`html2md` is a Python script that downloads HTML from a URL, optionnally passing it through Instapaper’s mobilizer, and then converts it to Markdown.

## Command line

Command line usage:

usage: html2md [-h] [-m MOBILIZER] [-e ENC] [-o OUTPUT] url

Convert URL to markdown.

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-e ENC, --enc ENC
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT

where `MOBILIZER` can take the following values:

- **original**: (default) converts the page’s `<body>` element
- **instapaper**: pass through Instapaper’s API

and `OUTPUT` can be a filename, or “-” to output on stdout. Default is stdout.


html2md -m instapaper

## Python

from html2md import UrlToMarkdown
u2md = UrlToMarkdown('instapaper')
print u2md.convert('')

## Log a mobilized version of an URL to Day One

To import a URL into Day One, you could make a script like this, named ``:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import subprocess
from html2md import UrlToMarkdown
from argh import *

def main(url):
"""Import URL into Day One Mac Software"""
u2md = UrlToMarkdown('instapaper')
res = u2md.convert(url, simple_result=False)

md = u"""



""".strip().format(url=url, res=res)

proc = subprocess.Popen(['/usr/local/bin/dayone', 'new'], stdin=subprocess.PIPE)


Then, make it executable with `chmod a+x`, and then test it…

That script can then be used in Alfred, with a shortcut and a notification in the Notification Center once done.

e.g. create a new script in the “Extensions” section, give a keyword like "uday", check "Silent", in advanced check “Output to notification center”, and enter the full path to the command in the “Command” text area:

/Users/<myusername>/bin/ {query}

And set the parameter to “Required Parameter”. Save, then use :)

## External stuff

This package relies on many external libraries, namely:

- [argh]( for parsing arguments
- [logbook](
- [requests](
- [pyquery](
- [html2text](
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