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huDjango 0.95p1

various snippets for use with Django

h1. huDjango

huDjango contains a collection of small extensions th the [ Django Web framework] we use at HUDORA.

  • auth.backends.!EmailBackend - Authenticate against django.contrib.auth.models.User the same way Django does by default except that the users can use their E-Mail address instead of the username to authenticate.
  • auth.backends.!ZimbraBackend - Authenticate against a Zimbra Server via LDAP. Users have to use their full E-Mail adress and Zimbra Passwort to log in. The Backend creates a new entry in the Django User Database if authentication against Zimbra is successfull but no matching E-Mail in Django adress is found.
  • fields.scalingimagefield - images with automatic scaling
  • fields.defaulting - Django fields with more elaborate default values
  • templatetags.hudjango - format_address tag for formating the AddressProtocol, html_euro, html_cent, g2kg and link_object tags.
  • PrinterChooser - selection of a printer which is stored in a cookie.
  • serializers.queryset_to_xls - generate Excel/XLS file from a queryset.

h2. Download

You can get huDjango at the “Python Cheeseshop”: or at “GitHub”:

h2. Changes

  • 0.91: dtores file in S3 merging duplicate files
  • 0.90: decorators.ajax_request(), New CouchDB stuff: CouchDBField and CouchDB template loader
  • 0.88: format_addressproto() now understands dicts
  • 0.86: added serializers.queryset_to_xls, fixes for require_login and ZimbraBackend
  • 0.85: deUmlaut template filter
  • 0.84: format_addressproto, more robust clienttracking, don’t generate links for empty image IDs, fixed {% imageid … urlonly %} templatetag
  • 0.83: hudjango.auth.decorators.require_login implements a bridge between Apache HTTP authentication and Django sessions
  • 0.82: Storage Modules, huImage
  • 0.78: hudjango.!PrinterChooser() functionality and respective template tags.
  • 0.77: Django 1.0 compatibility
  • 0.74: template tags / filters now work with Djangos new [ autoescape] functionality. Needs Django version > r6844.
  • 0.73: Extracted templatetags from the internal MoftS codebase.
  • 0.72: removed hudjango.fields.audit , support for Django Revision 7403.

h2. Alternatives

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