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humbledb 5.1.4

HumbleDB - MongoDB Object-Document Mapper

Latest Version: 6.0.0

HumbleDB is an extremely lightweight ODM that works with pymongo to provide a convenient and easy to use interface. It enforces strict explictness when a connection to a MongoDB cluster or replica set is being used, by disallowing any read or write interaction outside of a context manager’s context block.

Quick Example

>>> from humbledb import Mongo, Document
>>> # config_database and config_collection are required attributes
>>> class TestDoc(Document):
...     config_database = 'test'
...     config_collection = 'testdoc'
...     test_key = 't'
...     other_key = 'o'
>>> # When you create a Document instance, you can set its keys via any
>>> # mapped attributes you create
>>> doc = TestDoc()
>>> doc.test_key = 'Hello'
>>> doc.other_key = 'World'
>>> # The __repr__ for the instance shows the actual doc
>>> doc
TestDoc({'t': 'Hello', 'o': 'World'})
>>> # A Document instance is also a dict, but you have to access the key
>>> # names directly
>>> doc['o']
>>> # Or use the mapped attribute
>>> doc[TestDoc.test_key]
>>> # The Mongo class manages database connection and is a context manager
>>> with Mongo:
...     TestDoc.insert(doc)
>>> with Mongo:
...     found = TestDoc.find_one()
>>> found
TestDoc({u'_id': ObjectId('50ad81586112797f89b99606'), u't': u'Hello', u'o': u'World'})
>>> doc
TestDoc({'_id': ObjectId('50ad81586112797f89b99606'), 't': 'Hello', 'o': 'World'})
>>> found['_id']
>>> found['t']
>>> found.test_key

See the documentation for more examples and detailed explanations.


The complete documentation can be found on


See LICENSE.rst.


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