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hypchat 0.1

Package for HipChat's v2 API

Latest Version: 0.21

A Python package for HipChat’s v2 JSON REST API. It’s based on v2’s navigability and self-declaration.


There are two basic types in HypChat: Linker and RestObject. They are not meant to be instantiated directly but instead created as references from other objects.


A simple callable that represents an unfollowed reference.

The URL this object points to
Calling a Linker will perform the request and return a RestObject


A subclass of dict, contains additional functionality for links and actions.

Other Actions

Many of the v2 types define additional types, eg Rooms have methods for messaging, setting the topic, getting the history, and inviting users to the room. These are implemented as methods of subclasses. The complete listing is in the Type List.


First, create a HypChat object with the token

hc = HypChat("mytoken")

There are several root links:

rooms = hc.rooms()
users = hc.users()
emots = hc.emoticons()
caps = hc.capabilities()

In addition, the HypChat object has methods for creating objects and directly referencing the basic types.


If you call python -m hypchat, a interactive prompt (using IPython if available) will appear. The environment will contain hipchat, an instance of the HypChat object. The token is pulled from ~/.hypchat, /etc/hypchat, or the environment variable HIPCHAT_TOKEN.

Type List

See TYPES.rst


  • Proper Datetime and Timezone (dateutils) support
  • API Links
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