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hyphenate_finnish 1.3.0

A simple but working Finnish language hyphenator.

A simple but working Finnish language hyphenator.

By Pyry Kontio a.k.a Drasa (Drasa@IRCnet,

Hyphenates Finnish text with Unicode soft hyphens. (U+00AD) Mainly intended for server- side-hyphenation of web sites.

Allows to set hyphenation-preventing character margins for words so that they won’t break right at the start or the end. (For example, it’d be a bit silly - although certainly possible in Finnish language - to break a word like ‘erikoinen’ at ‘e-rikoinen’. With default margin of 2, it breaks more stylistically pleasingly, ‘eri-koinen’.)

Hyphenated html tags break web sites, so there’s the boolean argument skip_html. That enabled, it skips over all the words that are contained between “<” and “>” characters.

Usage: as a standalone script: [margin] [text]

or as a Python module:

from hyphenate_finnish import hyphenate; hyphenate(“some text but <html> isn’t gonna get hyphenated!”, margin=1, skip_html=True)

It’s that simple. By the way, written in Py3k, but it seems to work with 2.7 too.

Licensed with LGPL.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
hyphenate_finnish-1.3.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-03-10 8KB