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hyppy 0.1.1

HAPI wrapper and tools for the online game Hyperiums

A Python interface for the Hyperiums API (HAPI).

Aims to provide:

  • A HAPI wrapper, allowing multiple connections (i.e. per user, per game),
  • Parsing tools for daily list exports,
  • Functions and formulae for some of the game’s mechanics.

MIT licensed.

Installation and quickstart

To install:

pip install hyppy

Using the HAPI:

from hyppy.hapi import HAPI

hapi = HAPI('Hyperiums6')

# Get a list of games

# Password authentication for list downloads
hapi.authenticate_basic('loginname', 'password')

# Download today's planet list for this game'planets', './planets.txt.gz')

# HAPI key authentication for everything else
hapi.authenticate_hapi('loginname', 'hapikey')

# Get all player's planets
print hapi.planet()
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