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iPOPO 0.5.5

A service-oriented component model framework

iPOPO : A component model for Python

This is iPOPO, a component model framework for Python based on SOA principles. It is based on Pelix, an SOA framework.

See for documentation and more information.

iPOPO is released under the Apache License 2.0.


Feel free to send feedback on your experience of Pelix/iPOPO, via the mailing lists :

More information at


Pelix and iPOPO are tested using Tox and Travis-CI with:

  • Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3

It is also manually tested with:

  • Pypy 1.9

To use iPOPO on Python 2.6, it is necessary to install the importlib module back-port, using pip install importlib. To execute iPOPO tests on this version, you also need to install the unittest2 module.

iPOPO is available on PyPI.

Release notes

See the CHANGELOG.rst file to see what changed in previous releases.

iPOPO 0.5.5


The license of the iPOPO project is now an Apache License 2.0.


  • get_*_service_reference*() methods have a default LDAP filter set to None. Only the service specification is required, event if set to None.

  • Added a context use_service(context, svc_ref), that allows to consume a service in a with block:

    from pelix.utilities import use_service
    with use_service(bundle_context, svc_ref) as svc:

    Service will be released automatically.


  • Added the Handler Factory pattern : all instance handlers are created by their factory, called by iPOPO according to the handler IDs found in the factory context. This will simplify the creation of new handlers.

  • Added a context use_ipopo(context), that allows to use the iPOPO service in a with block:

    from pelix.ipopo.constants import use_ipopo
    with use_ipopo(bundle_context) as ipopo:
       ipopo.instantiate('my.factory', 'my.instance', {})

    The iPOPO service will be released automatically.


  • Added the ConfigurationAdmin service
  • Added the FileInstall service
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