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iaTorrent 0.1.4

This module can be used to snatch torrents for each collection object from a given Internet archive collection.


iaTorrent snatches all of the torrents for a given collection in the Internet Archive.

You’ll need a json file for all the items in the collection with at least the title and identifier. You can get that from the Internet Archive advanced search page. You’ll need Query parameters as well. I grab the parameters from the ‘All items (most recently added first) link on a collection page.


York University Library collection Query parameters:

(collection:yorkuniversity AND format:pdf) AND -mediatype:collection

Fields to return: identifier, title Number of results: 2608 (number of items in the collection)



iaTorrent is a single-file python module that you can drop into your project as needed or you can install globally with:

pip install iaTorrent


cd ia-torrent
sudo python install


From python you can use the iaTorrent module to snatch a collection of torrents like this:

import iaTorrent
torrent = iaTorrent.download_torrents('url_for_json', 'path_to_download_directory')

Or from the commandline: -f 'url_for_json' -d 'path_to_download_directory'

Test suite

python test


  1. Fork the repository
  2. Do something awesome!
  3. Submit a pull request explianing what your plugin does


CC0 - Public Domain

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