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iac-protocol 0.301

An interface/protocol that provides inter-application communication and scripting.

Package Documentation

IAC protocol

The IAC (inter-application communication) protocol enables inter-application communication and scripting.

Have you ever wanted to program or script something using the internal functionality of a program, such as a document or spreadsheet program? This interface and protocol specification lets you do just that!

Create the automation scripts of your dreams, and contribute to the growing body of supported programs.


Python 2+


The easy way:

Run pip install --user iac-protocol (or omit –user for global install) so pip can download it from PyPI (may need sudo/root), and go to step 5 on how to use the protocol.

The long way:

  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Run python sdist from the project directory to create a source distribution.

  3. Run pip install --user iac*.tar.gz (or omit –user for a global install) from the new dist/ directory to install the package (may need sudo/root).

  4. Enable an application for automation from the command-line (may need sudo/root):

    iacmodify -s to show all available interfaces iacmodify --enable -a lowriter to enable libreoffice writer

  5. Run iaci from the command-line to play with the interactive interpreter.


    Run iacs to quickstart the server.

To update the version:

  1. Clone or pull the repository for the latest version.
  2. Recreate the source distribution using the steps above.
  3. Run pip upgrade iac*.tar.gz from the dist/ directory to upgrade the package.

To uninstall, run pip uninstall iac-protocol.

Please read the official documentation for complete instructions.

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