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idl_parser 0.0.17

Very simple OMG IDL (Interface Definition Language) parser. This parses IDL files and outputs intermediate class objects.


OMG IDL file parser. This library just parse IDL files, and output intermidiate type objects.


example for idl_parser package

from idl_parser import parser
parser_ = parser.IDLParser()
idl_str = """
module my_module {
  struct Time {
    long sec;
    long usec;

  typedef sequence<double> DoubleSeq;

  struct TimedDoubleSeq {
    Time tm;
    DoubleSeq data;


  interface DataGetter {
    RETURN_VALUE getData(out TimedDoubleSeq data);


global_module = parser_.load(idl_str)
my_module = global_module.module_by_name('my_module')
dataGetter = my_module.interface_by_name('DataGetter')
print 'DataGetter interface'
for m in dataGetter.methods:
  print '- method:'
  print '  name:',
  print '  returns:',
  print '  arguments:'
  for a in m.arguments:
    print '    name:',
    print '    type:', a.type
    print '    direction:', a.direction

doubleSeq = my_module.typedef_by_name('DoubleSeq')
print 'typedef %s %s' % (,

timedDoubleSeq = my_module.struct_by_name('TimedDoubleSeq')
print 'TimedDoubleSeq'
for m in timedDoubleSeq.members:
  print '- member:'
  print '  name:',
  print '  type:',

How to install

sudo pip install idl_parser
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