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idx2numpy 1.0.1

A Python package which provides tools to convert files from IDX format (described at into numpy.ndarray.

Latest Version: 1.2.2


idx2numpy package provides a tool for converting files from IDX format to
numpy.ndarray. You can meet files in IDX format, e.g. when you're going
to read the [MNIST database of handwritten digits]
( provided by Yann LeCun.

The description of IDX format also can be found on this page.

[![Build Status](](


The easiest way to install is by using pip to pull it from PyPI:

pip install idx2numpy

You can also clone the Git repository from Github and install
the package manually:

git clone
python install


import idx2numpy
ndarr = idx2numpy.convert_from_file('myfile.idx')

f = open('myfile.idx', 'rb)
ndarr = idx2numpy.convert_from_file(f)

s =
ndarr = idx2numpy.convert_from_string(s)

Authors and Contributors
The project is started and maintained by Ivan Yurchenko
The Contributors are:
* [andres-s](

MIT license (see *LICENSE* file)


Please, send me a feedback about the library, such as bugs, use cases etc.  
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