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igo-python 0.3a

Python port of Igo Japanese morphological analyzer

Latest Version: 0.9.9


Igo is a Japanese morphological analyzer written in Java and Common Lisp. This software is Python port of Igo(Java version).


Dictionary builder is not provided. You need to use Igo Java version to build the dictionary for Igo.

How To Use

You can use Igo Python easily:

>>> from igo.Tagger import Tagger
>>> t = Tagger('ipadic')
>>> for m in t.parse(u'すもももももももものうち'):
...     print m.surface, m.feature
すもも 名詞,一般,*,*,*,*,すもも,スモモ,スモモ
も 助詞,係助詞,*,*,*,*,も,モ,モ
もも 名詞,一般,*,*,*,*,もも,モモ,モモ
も 助詞,係助詞,*,*,*,*,も,モ,モ
もも 名詞,一般,*,*,*,*,もも,モモ,モモ
の 助詞,連体化,*,*,*,*,の,ノ,ノ
うち 名詞,非自立,副詞可能,*,*,*,うち,ウチ,ウチ

Changelog for Igo-Python

2010-11-25 – 0.1
  • first release.
2010-11-27 – 0.1a
  • update package info only.
2010-11-27 – 0.2
  • support Google App Engine(maybe)
2010-11-27 – 0.3
  • drop mmap related code
  • reduce memory footprint
2010-11-28 – 0.3a
  • fix bugs(if a phrase ends with ‘た’ will causes error)
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
igo-python-0.3a.tar.gz (md5) Source 2010-11-27 8KB