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il2fb-events-parser 1.0.1

Parse events from log produced by dedicated server of «IL-2 Forgotten Battles» flight simulator

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This is a Python library which parses events from log produced by dedicated server of «IL-2 Forgotten Battles» flight simulator. Resulting information about events is stored in special data structures.


You may see this library in action even if you do not understand its purpose.

All you need is just to visit project’s demo page.

That page allows you to test parser’s ability to process strings. If you do not know what to enter into a text area, you may click Insert test data and parse it.

If something goes wrong, you will be prompted to confirm automatic creation of bug report which will be listed on this page.

Known events

This library supports all known events produced by dedicated server (129 unique events).

To see their list, go to the demo page and click See the list of supported events link.


Get Python package from PyPI:

pip install il2fb-events-parser


If you need to be able to parse all events this library knows about, use EventsParser.parse_string():

Import EventsParser and create its instance:

from import EventsParser

parser = EventsParser()

Parse a string to get an instance of event:

event = parser.parse("[8:33:05 PM] User0 has connected")

Explore event’s internal structure:

# <Event: HumanHasConnected>

# datetime.time(20, 33, 5)

# <Human 'User0'>

# User0

Convert event into a dictionary:

import pprint

# {'actor': {'callsign': 'User0'},
#  'name': 'HumanHasConnected',
#  'time': '20:33:05',
#  'verbose_name': 'Human has connected'}


If you try to parse unknown event, EventParsingError will be raised:

parser.parse("foo bar")
# Traceback (most recent call last):
# …
# EventParsingError: No event was found for string "foo bar"

Current list of supported events is rather full, but EventParsingError is quite possible, because server’s events are undocumented and this library may do not know about all of them.

In case you need to catch this error, its full name is

Safe usage

You can set flag ignore_errors=True if you don’t care about any exceptions:

from import EventsParser

parser = EventsParser()
event = parser.parse("foo bar", ignore_errors=True)
print(event is None)
# True

Any error (except SystemExit and KeyboardInterrupt) will be muted and None will be returned.

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