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importd 0.3.3

a django based miniframework, inspired by sinatra

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What is importd?

Slides of a talk I gave about importd:

Django is awesome, but starting a new project in it is a pain. importd is inspired from ruby’s sinatra. Hello world django project:

from importd import d

def idx(request):
    return "index.html"

def post(request, post_id):
    return "post.html", {"post_id": post_id}

if __name__ == "__main__":

To run it:

$ python

This will start the debug server.

To run it in production:

$ gunicorn foo:d


Backward Incompatibile Change

d.main() used to be not required, now it is.


  • fully compatible with django
  • supports smarturls
  • most of regularly used django functions and classes available in d. namespace, eg d.HttpResponse, d.render_to_response, d.get_object_or_404 etc
  • automatically maps “templates” folder in directory to serve templates
  • automatically maps “static” folder in to serve static content
  • management commands still available: $ python shell
  • wsgi compliant
  • gunicorn support
  • works seamlessly with fhurl (
  • Auto Add django-debug-toolbar (Needs to add it manually to INSTALLED_APPS)
  • Auto SECRET_KEY: If no SECRET_KEY on settings, try to read SECRET_KEY from ./secret.txt , if no ./secret.txt generate a random string then write it to ./secret.txt and finally return it as SECRET_KEY.
  • Auto Add coffin/django-jinja (jinja2 integration)
  • Support for livereload


$ pip install importd


Contribution Guide

To view this file, or any restructuredtext file locally before comitting on git, install restview from pypi.

Pull Requests: If you fork this repository to send pull request, please create a branch for your work instead of working directly on master. This way your master will track my master, and in case the pull request is rejected, or delayed, your master stays clean. This also makes easy to send more than one pull requests from your fork.


  • BSD
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