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indic-transliteration 1.5.2

Transliteration tools to convert text in one indic script encoding to another

Indic transliteration tools

For users

For detailed examples and help, please see individual module files in this package.

Installation or upgrade:

  • sudo pip2 install indic_transliteration -U
  • Web.


from indic_transliteration import sanscript
output = sanscript.transliterate('idam adbhutam', sanscript.HK, sanscript.DEVANAGARI)
sanscript.transliterate(u"गच्छ",sanscript.DEVANAGARI, sanscript.HK)

Scripts supported: devanagari tamil malayalam telugu gurumukhi gujarati bengali oriya Harvard-Kyoto IAST (aka Roman-Unicode) SLP1 WX

Script detection automatically detects a string’s transliteration scheme:

from indic_transliteration import detect
detect.detect('pitRRIn') == Scheme.ITRANS
detect.detect('pitRRn') == Scheme.HK

For contributors


Have a problem or question? Please head to github.


  • ~/.pypirc should have your pypi login credentials.

    python bdist_wheel
    twine upload dist/* --skip-existing
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