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infrae.maildrophost 1.2

Recipe to install and setup maildrophost server

Latest Version: 2.2


infrae.maildrophost is used to download and install MaildropHost for Zope, and configure a maildrophost server using the same configuration than the Zope product.

Example in buildout:

parts =

recipe = infrae.maildrophost
smtp_host = localhost
smtp_port = 25
version = 1.22

products =

This will install MaildropHost, create configuration files for the daemon, and put a start/stop script in the bin directory of the buildout tree.

Spool and PID files are put by default in the var/maildrop directory, so data is preserved when update (if there is any data).

You can use the target option to specify a different folder to install the product, for instance if you already have a part called dist-products for your Zope products:

target = ${dist-products:location}

The version option will be used to generate the download url:<version>/MaildropHost-<version>.tgz

In recent versions of MaildropHost (>= 1.22) the config file has changed name, setting the version option will make the recipe choose the right name.

It is also possible to override the download url by setting a url option.


You can customize some of settings of MaildropHost:

Directory to use as home directory for the deamon. By default it’s ${buildout:directory}/var/maildrop It will be created if it doesn’t exists.
Directory to use as a spool. By default it will be ${mail_dir}/spool. The directory will be created if it doesn’t exist already.
PID file to use for the daemon. By default it will be ${mail_dir}/
SMTP server to use. Default to localhost.
Port to use. Default to default SMTP port, 25.
If the SMTP server require authentication, login to use.
If the SMTP server require authentication, password to use.
If 1, MaildropHost will be speaking to a TLS enabled SMTP server.
Add a message id to the sent mail.
Must be an integer which define the interval in seconds between two check for new mail in the spool directory. Default is 120 seconds.
Must be an interger or float which say how much time the daemon should wait between sending two mails to the mail server.

Latest version

The latest version is available in a Subversion repository.


1.2 (2009-02-13)

  • Fix download-cache vs download-directory. Don’t assume the user already set it.
  • Add options wait_interval, add_messageid, batch, tls, pid_file, spool_dir, mail_dir.
  • Remove the relative to buildout directory option mail-dir which was almost useless.
  • Improve the control script.

1.1 (2009-01-23)

  • Added support for MaildropHost >= 1.22 (added a version option, so the recipe can guess the config file name)


  • Fix the config file for Windows paths.


  • Define the location in options, so you could refer to the product folder with ${maildrophost:location} for exemple.
  • Add the target option to use a specific destination folder for the product.
  • Add maildrophost options login, password, and poll_interval.


  • First release, download and install MaildropHost product, make a and create simple script for start and stop purpose.
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infrae.maildrophost-1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2009-02-13 5KB