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inifaction 0.1

Manage your Webfaction settings in a per project basis from an INI style file.


inifaction makes possible to write an INI style file and setup a Webfaction project with it through Webfaction’s API.

It has a command line utility but it’s possible to also use the API implementation of inifaction as a module.

Command line utility

Create a template to configure a project:

inifaction template -f config.ini

After making the needed changes, call the API of Webfaction and setup the project:

inifaction setup -f config.ini

If any error happens, it will continue with the setup. Later on, you can setup only the section where the error happened:

inifaction setup -f config.ini -s domains

As a module

The API is created instantiating inifaction.api.API with the URL as parameter. Login requires user, password and the machine:

# Setup the API
from inifaction import API_URL
from inifaction.api import API

api = API(API_URL)
api.login('user', 'password', 'Web210')

All the configuration sections of Webfacion’s API are available at inifaction.items as items. Those items hold all the needed information to call the API with certain parameters, depending on the API’s call.

For example, we can create an email address:

from inifaction.items import Email

email = Email('', ['example_target_mailbox', ''],
            autoresponder_on=True, autoresponder_subject='Hi!', autoresponder_message='Hello!',
            autoresponder_from='', script_machine='', script_path='')

Calling the item’s args function with the API call type (create, update or delete), returns the needed parameters to making that call. This happens automatically on API’s level:

# Create the email

# Change the item and update it
email = email._replace(email_address='')

# Check if it exists

# List all the emails

# Delete the email

# Delete all the emails

It’s possible to subclass the default items and create customized ones, it only requires to change inifaction.SECTIONS and inifaction.NAMES values to point to the customized item.

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