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instaLooter 0.13.2

Another API-less Instagram pictures and videos downloader

Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate.

InstaLooter is a program that can download any picture or video associated from an Instagram profile, without any API access. It can be seen as a re-implementation of the now deprecated InstaRaider developed by @akurtovic.


BeautifulSoup HTML parsing
docopt CLI arguments parsing
progressbar2 Dynamic output in CLI
requests HTTP handling
six Python 2/3 compatibility
dateutil Date manipulation
hues Colored output


InstaLooter is available on PyPI to install with pip. If you are not familiar with the package management of the Python ecosystem, please see the Installation page of the online documentation. Yet, you will probably end up using the following command:

pip install --user instaLooter


InstaLooter comes with its CLI:

$ instaLooter <username> [<directory>] [options]
$ instaLooter (hashtag <hashtag> <directory> [options]
$ instaLooter post <post_token> <directory> [options]
$ instaLooter batch <batch_file>

Logging in and out

There are two ways to login on Instagram through instaLooter:

  • use the login subcommand (instaLooter login) to interactively login using your username and password.
  • give a --username (and, if you want, a --password) argument to any of the download commands.

In both cases, a session cookie will be created in the system temporary folder. To delete it and close your session on the server, use the logout subcommand.


Download all pictures from the instagram profile in the current directory:

$ instaLooter instagram

Download the latest 20 pictures or videos tagged with python to /tmp:

$ instaLooter hashtag python /tmp -n 20 -v -c MYLOGIN

Download a single post from an url in the current directory:

$ instaLooter post "" .

Use a configuration file to download from several account using custom parameters (see Batch mode):

$ instaLooter batch /path/to/a/config/file.ini

See more on the Usage page of the online documentation.

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