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instakit 0.2.5

Image processors and filters.

[![Bitdeli Badge](]( “Bitdeli Badge”)

Instakit<sup><b>†</b></sup> is a suite of image processors and filters, for processing PIL images.

InstaKit processors use the same API as [PILKit](’s, so they can be used with anything that supports those, including [ImageKit]( Or you can just use them by themselves to process images using Python.

As of this first draft there are [Instagrammy]( image-curve adjusters and a few other geegaws.




Instakit is made available to you and the public at large under the [MIT license]( – see for the full text.

† née “django-instakit” – All dependencies and traces of Django have since been excised, with thanks to [matthewwithanm](
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instakit-0.2.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-08-13 1MB