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ipmitools 0.2

Run ipmitool commands on consoles

# is a command line utility to run ipmitools command
and gather the output from large number of consoles. It uses the
ipmi module that abstracts the interaction with the ipmitool utility.

[ipmitool]( is required to be installed

## Features

- The ipmi module uses subprocess in Linux to communicate with ipmitool.
Solaris ipmitool does not support passing the password on the command line. So, it
uses expect if the Solaris Platform is detected.

- Threaded to execute the commands in parallel

- Collated output makes it easy to understand the status and output of large number of hosts

## Installing

pip install ipmitool

This will install in your path.

e.g. :

$ -f console_list.txt status
Chassis Power is on -- [6],,,,,

## Extending

The utlity is used for chassis power changes and status. But you can write your own on top of the ipmi module :

e.g. :

>>> ipmi = ipmitool(console, password)
>>> ipmi.execute("chassis status")
>>> ipmi.execute("chassis status")
>>> print ipmi.output
System Power : on
Power Overload : false
Power Interlock : inactive
Main Power Fault : false
Power Control Fault : false
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
ipmitools-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-02-03 3KB