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ipy_table 1.12

Easily create richly formatted tables in an IPython Notebook



ipy_table is a support module for IPython Notebooks. ipy_table is an independent project and is not an official component of the IPython package.

The home page for ipy_table is

ipy_table is maintained at

ipython is maintained at, and documentation is available from


Documentation is provided by the documentation notebooks supplied with this package:


The documentation notebooks can be viewed online with nbviewer at:

Dependencies and Supported Python Versions

At this time, ipy_table has only been tested with Python 2.7 under Linux and Windows.

ipy_table is designed to be used within an IPython Notebook.

IPython qtconsole operation is not currently officially supported. ipy_table renders tables using HTML, and HTML tables render differently in the IPython qtconsole than in an IPython notebook for reasons which I have not yet unraveled. Particularly, cell border rendering behaves differently.


  1. Run ‘python install’.
  2. Copy the documentation notebooks (ipy_table-Introduction.ipynb and ipy_table-Reference.ipynb) to your main IPython notebook working directory (the directory where your IPython notebooks are stored).

If you don’t know your IPython notebook working directory, start the IPython Notebook server, create a blank notebook, and execute the command ‘pwd’.

Revision History

Initial GitHub release

Adopt the standard IPython display protocol. Instead of returning an Ipython.core.display.HTML object, add the _repr_html_() method to the IpyTable class.

Remove the get_table_html() method (no longer necessary; the table HTML can now be obtained by calling _repr_html_() explicitly).

Remove the render() method from IpyTable (no longer necessary).

Remove the get_table_html() function (no longer necessary; can call render()._repr_html() in interactive mode).

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
ipy_table-v1.12.tgz (md5) Source 2013-01-06 12KB