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iscool_e.bellman 0.4.1

A library to support the REST API ofmobile push notification server Pushd

IsCool Entertainment Bellman SDK (Pushd Python SDK)

This client library is designed to support the Pushd API.

Pushd is an unified pushd server for server-side notification to mobile native apps, web apps etc. You can read more about Pushd on the link above.


This library relies on Requests since version 0.3.

Why Bellman ?

The alert sound when receiving a mobile notification is reminiscent to the officer of the court who made public announcements in the streets, back to the Middle Ages.


Import the library and instanciate the API class:

from iscool_e.bellman import pushd

api = pushd.API('')
api.create_subscriber('apns', 'token')
api.subscribe('id', 'event_name')
api.send_message('event_name', 'Hello World!')


This package is released under the MIT License. Please see LICENSE document for a full description.



Release date: 27-Jan-2014

  • First release


Release date: 28-Jan-2014

  • Remove custom method getStats and fix github url


Release date: 28-Jan-2014

  • Add missing socket import


Release date: 29-Jan-2014

  • Use python Requests
  • Fix batch event subscriptions


Release date: 3-Mar-2014

  • This release breaks compatibility with previous versions:
  • Remove ugly camelcase function names


Release date: 3-Mar-2014

  • Update usage on README file
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