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iteration_utilities 0.6.1

Utilities based on Pythons iterators and generators.

Utilities based on Pythons iterators and generators.

The full list of functions and classes included in this package:

accumulate all_distinct all_equal all_isinstance
all_monotone any_isinstance applyfunc argmax
argmin argsorted chained clamp
combinations_from_relations complement constant consume
count_items deepflatten dotproduct double
duplicates first flatten flip
getitem groupedby grouper InfiniteIterable
insert intersperse ipartition is_even
is_iterable is_None is_not_None is_odd
ItemIdxKey iter_except Iterable itersubclasses
last ManyIterables merge minmax
ncycles nth one packed
pad partial partition Placeholder
PlaceholderType powerset radd random_combination
random_permutation random_product rdiv reciprocal
remove repeatfunc replace replicate
return_called return_False return_first_arg return_identity
return_None return_True rfdiv rmod
rmul roundrobin rpow rsub
second Seen sideeffects split
square starfilter successive tabulate
tail tee_lookahead third unique_everseen

But also some convenience classes providing a lazy and chainable interface for function evaluation:



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iteration_utilities-0.6.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-04-15 106KB