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j01.jsonrpc 1.0.1

JSON-RPC helpers based on JQuery, z3c.form and z3cjsonrpc for Zope 3

Latest Version: 2.0.3

This package provides some JQuery based JSON-RPC form handling using the z3c.jsonrpc and z3c.form libraries for Zope3.


1.0.1 (2014-08-25)

  • remove history javascript implementation and integrate native browser history api support in jsonrpc page, form, jsonrpc method and javascript. Now the browser history api is implicit supported. There are several attributes for enable or manipulate the browser history state handling in the jsonrpc form and page classes. See the comments in the form class for more information.
  • bugfix: fix missing getJavaScript and getInputEnterJavaScript method in simple Button
  • bugfix: skip widget update call for buttons. They don’t need to update the value
  • feature: added new j01.loading.js javascript which shows a progress line at the top of the page or anywhere you need it. Moved the existing spinner loading javascript to j01.spinner.js.
  • feature: added JQuery events called j01.jsonrpc.loading and j01.jsonrpc.loaded before and after loading content.
  • feature: provide new CloseButton which is able to remove content from the html page useingf jquery.empty and an animation. As default animation the jquery slideUp method is used.
  • feature: implemented jsonrpc testing helper methods for button submit etc.
  • fix: jsform.JSONRPCFormMixin: checking for REDIRECT_STATUS_CODES after update() too

1.0.0 (2014-04-04)

  • implemented a compatible z3c.form button and handler concept. This new button and handler concept supports the z3c.form button and handler concept and can get used as a replacement for any form. This implementation will lookup the button handler by it’s name form a simple dict and does not use a built in adapter registry. This makes it compatible with any kind of button and handler implementation. The existing jsbutton module isn’t available anymore. Import the new buttons from j01.jsonrpc.btn.

0.7.0 (2014-03-25)

  • feature: implemented button disable concept based on button property and JQuery event. Take alook at the new j01.button.js javascript. Note, this implementation keeps event handler intact. Other concepts like the one used in the twitter bootstrap framework will destroy applied event handler during reset a button state which will not work for our implementation.
  • feature: implemented JQuery click event trigger. This could get used for different concepts like apply a loading icon etc. We also use this event handler for the new button disable concept.

0.6.0 (2014-03-04)

  • javascript: use JSON2 as default instead of eval for load json repsonse. Fallback to custom implementation if no JSON2 is available.
  • javascript: update to newest history.js javascripts
  • javascript: implemented low level unauthorized nextURL error response handling in j01.proxy.js javascript.
  • implemented handleError method
  • changed unauthorized error page redirect from loginForm.html to j01Login.html for better customization. Note, you will need at least to register your existing loginForm.html as an additional j01Login.html page. Or the new nextURL redirect to j01Login.html will point ot a missing page. This changes makes it possible to show an explicit comment (session expires for jsonrpc call).
  • feature: improve history state handling. Remember initial url and support go back to the initial url too whcih doesn’t provide a j marker argument.
  • feature: implemented improved json-rpc client including custom error handling and removed the dependency to z3c.jsonrpcproxy. This means you need to define the z3c.jsonrpcproxy dependency if you use the z3c.jsonrpcproxy javascript client in your package.

0.5.1 (2013-03-19)

  • feature: support button action handling based on default z3c.form concept. This let us allow to use urls like <page-url>?form.buttons.foobar=1 for non jsonrpc requests
  • feature: implemented JSONRPCClickButton using a simple click event handler
  • feature: support prefixWidgets and prefixButtons property for separate different forms loaded into one single page.
  • feature: improve javascript callback handler and support scrollToExpression with scroll to animation after loading jsonrpc content.
  • support as additional error response given from z3c.jsonrpc error views

0.5.0 (2012-11-16)

  • initial release
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