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jaraco.mysql 1.1.1

MySQLDB-compatible MySQL wrapper by Jason R. Coombs

Status and License

jaraco.mysql implements an alternative compatible interface as the _mysql module in mysql-python. The purpose is to provide a pure-python distribution of mysql-python, i.e. that requires no compiler.

jaraco.mysql is written by Jason R. Coombs. It is licensed under an MIT-style permissive license.

You can install it with easy_install jaraco.mysql, or from the subversion repository with easy_install jaraco.mysql==dev.


First, download the latest patch for mysql-python.

Apply that to the 1.2 branch of mysql-python.

Install mysql-python without the extension using MySQLdb/ --use-jaraco-mysql install. This will install mysql-python as mysqldb-jaraco. If you have both libraries installed, they will conflict and mysql-python will use the first one it finds in the path. Consider using virtualenv to create an isolated environment if you are testing.

You must have the MySQL 5.x client library installed on the system.



  • Fixed issue in Python 2.x introduced by 3.x compatibility.


  • Implemented Python 3.x compatibility. This package can now be installed on Python 3 without any problems. Note, however, that this package is largely useless without mysql-python, which does not have Python 3.x compatibility yet.
  • jaraco.mysql is now tested under Ubuntu Linux against MySQL 5.0 and passes all unit tests.


  • Initial release; this first release passes all unit tests in MySQLdb/tests in a 32-bit Windows environment against MySQL 5.1. Some issues may still exist.
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