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A pure-python framegrabber for Windows

Latest Version: 2.0

Status and License is a port of the VideoCapture module in pure Python using ctypes and comtypes. is maintained by Jason R. Coombs. It is licensed under an MIT-style permissive license.

You can install it with easy_install, or from the mercurial repository with easy_install is designed to run on Python 2.5+, including Python 3, and including 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Python.


Although the package currently installs on Python 3, there is currently no supported version of PIL for Python 3, so only raw bitmap data will be available (no JPEG support, etc).

Usage includes a console script “save-frame”, which locates the first video capture device and saves a single frame to disk as “test.jpg”. The command may also be invoked thus:

python -m

This example usage can be seen in the function



  • #1: Require jaraco.util for bitutil, which has progressed with better Python 3 support.
  • #2: Added a hard dependency on Pillow for imaging. The library is pretty useless without it. If there is a use-case out there for using the library without Pillow, please file a request ticket.


  • Moved typelibs so they will be included with the build.
  • Fixed ImportError on Python 3.
  • Added readme.


  • First non-dev release. Typelibs are included and comtypes libs are generated automatically.
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