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Windows Routines by Jason R. Coombs

A pure-python interface to Windows APIs using ctypes. This package is not designed to be exhaustive, but rather to supply interfaces as they are needed by the contributors.

Package Contents contains several modules for different purposes. For now, read the source. Eventually, I hope to put high-level descriptions of the modules here.


You should install this module the normal way using pip or easy_install.

If you want to monkeypatch the os module to include symlink compatibility, you should add the following to your usercustomize or sitecustomize module:

import as fs; fs.patch_os_module()

Thereafter, you should be able to use os.symlink and os.readlink in Windows Vista and later using the same interface as on Unix.

Note that takes an additional optional parameter target_is_directory, which must be specified if the target is not present and is expected to be a directory once present.


If doesn’t supply the interface you require for your application, consider creating the interface and providing a pull request to the project.

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