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jasmin 0.6b0

Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features.

Latest Version: 0.9.25


Jasmin is a very complete open source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features such as:

  • SMPP Client / Server
  • HTTP Client / Server
  • Console-based configuration, no service restart required
  • Based on AMQP broker for store&forward mechanisms and other queuing systems
  • Using Redis for in-memory DLR tracking and billing
  • Advanced message routing/filtering (Simple, Roundrobin, Failover, Leastcost …)
  • Web and console ui for management
  • Supports Unicode (UTF-8) for sending out multilingual SMS
  • Supports easy creation and sending of specialized/binary SMS like mono Ringtones, WAP Push, Vcards
  • Supports concatenated SMS strings (long SMS)

Jasmin relies heavily on message queuing through message brokers (Using AMQP), it is designed for performance, high traffic loads and full in-memory execution.


Jasmin core and its external connectors (used for AMQP, Redis, SMPP, HTTP, Telnet …) are written in Python and are mainly based on Twisted matrix, an event-driven networking engine.

Getting started

Refer to Installation steps to get Jasmin gateway up and running quickly with a simple SMS sending scenario.


The documentation is at:

If you still need to build it locally:

$ cd misc/doc
$ make html
Build finished. The HTML pages are in build/html.


Jasmin is released under the terms of the [Apache License Version 2]. See `LICENSE` file for details.


Change Log

0.6 (under development)

  • SMPP Server API #49
  • Basic statistics in user-level #77
  • Delivery retrial on specific/configurable errors #60
  • Better User credentials: expiry and QoS #50, #51
  • Easier installation procedure through Linux packages #78


  • User credentials: validation, default/fallback values and balance/quota management
  • Changed system service startup script from twisted tap plugin to bin/jasmind
  • Rated routes (for billing purpose)
  • Prepaid billing including asynchronous mode
  • jCli supports user credentials management
  • Updated documentation
  • Various fixes



  • Routing for MO and MT flows between HTTP and SMPP connectors
  • Management through jCli console
  • Updated documentation
  • Various fixes


  • HTTP Server (for SMS MT sending)
  • HTTP Client (for SMS MO and delivery receipts)


  • SMPP Client API