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jaws-scraper 0.1.0

Just Another Web Scraper.

# Introduction JAWS is a system for quickly designing web scrapers. It contains a framework for designing custom resources, parsers and outputs for entirely custom scrapers as well as a few implemenations for common use cases.

# Dependenices JAWS is written in Python, for Python2. The dependencies for the latest version are: * mechanize==0.2.5 * requests==2.2.1

JAWS can also be installed with easy_install or pip.

# Components The core components of the JAWS framework can be found in

## Scraper The Scraper class is a collection of all the core components into one object which can be easily instantiated and used to scrape all data into your specified output.

## Resource The JAWSResource class is the abstract class describing the interface by which pages are provided to the parser for scraping. A resource could be as simple as a file reader or as complex as a full Web crawler.

## Parser The JAWSParser class is the abstract class describing the way your scraper will turn input from the resource into a python dictionary of keys and values to be fed to the output.

## Output The JAWSOutput class is the abstract class describing what to actually do with that data you have scraped. It could describe a file output format (a csv is probably simplest), a database interface, or whatever else you can think of.

# Future Work * Automatic Schema Detection * JSON parser * Examples for README * Better documentation in code * Python3 compatibility

# License All code and content distributed with JAWS is released under the [GNU GPLv3]( unless otherwise specified or prohibited.

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