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jenkviz 0.3.2

Crawl a jenkins build and report stats and graphs about the build flow.


jenkviz - visualization of a Jenkins build flow using graphviz.


Tool to crawl a Jenkins site using a build url and producing a SVG output to render the build flow.

The SVG graph displays: - A summary box with:

  • the total elapsed time
  • the cumulated duration for each build
  • a throughput (duration/elapsed)
  • number of builds
  • Black arrows to render upstream and downstream relation
  • Orange arrows to render downstream only relation
  • Build with a blue/yellow/red/gray box for Success/Unstable/Failed/Aborted build status

Build information are stored in a local sqlite database. The database is used as a cache to not fetch twice a build page but also to get information using plain SQL:

sqlite3 ~/jenkviz.db
-- Slowest jobs
sqlite> SELECT name, SUM(duration_s), MAX(duration_s), AVG(duration_s), COUNT(1)
        FROM build
        GROUP BY name
        ORDER BY SUM(duration_s) DESC
        LIMIT 10;
-- Slave load
sqlite> SELECT host, SUM(duration_s) FROM build GROUP BY host ORDER BY SUM(duration_s) DESC LIMIT 10;


jenkviz [–version] [–logfile=LOGFILE] [–database=DATABASE] COMMAND [OPTIONS] ARGUMENTS

jenkviz -h


crawl [–direct|–reverse|–explore] [–output SVG_FILE] JENKINS_BUILD_URL

The --direct option shows only downstream and upstream relation, removing downstream only link.

The --reverse option crawl backward using upstream builds.

The --explore option to keep downstream builds that have upstream build out of the scope of the origin build (the upstream build is not a descendant of the root build)


Jenkviz try to find downstream/upstream build using the web page and the REST API to work around the JENKINS-6211 bug.


On Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo aptitude install graphviz
sudo easy_install jenkviz


Jenkviz is currently hosted at github.


Feature requests and bug reports can be made here:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
jenkviz-0.3.2-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2013-09-24 26KB