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jirafs 1.17.1

Edit Jira issues as text files locally.

Pronounced like ‘giraffes’, but totally unrelated to wildlife, this library lets you stay out of JIRA as much as possible by letting you edit your JIRA issues as a collection of text files using an interface inspired by git and hg.

Read more details in the docs.

Plugins and Macros Too

Additionally provides a Plugin API allowing one to write scripts to simplify your workflow. Currently, existing plugins include:

  • jirafs-graphviz: Automatically transform graphviz (dot) files into PNG digraphs during upload.
  • jirafs-latex: Automatically transform Latex markup into PDFs during upload.
  • jirafs-pandoc: Automatically transform RST/Markdown markup into fancy PDFs during upload.
  • jirafs-list-table: Make JIRA tables a little more easily using a simple list-based markup.


  • git >= 1.8
  • python >= 2.7 or python3 >= 3.3

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
jirafs-1.17.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-03-22 44KB