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jirafs-pandoc 0.9

Automatically convert markup supported by pandoc into PDF/HTML when uploading to JIRA.

Latest Version: 1.2

Automatically converts supported markup into fancy PDF files (or any other Pandoc-supported format) when uploading to JIRA.


  1. Install from PIP:

    pip install jirafs-pandoc
  2. Enable for a ticket folder:

    jirafs config --set plugins.pandoc on

Note that you can globally enable this (or any) plugin by adding the --global flag to the above command:

jirafs config --global --set plugins.pandoc on


Depending upon which output format you utilize, your requirements may vary:

  • PDF Output: Both pandoc and xelatex are required.
  • Other output formats: Only pandoc is required.

Supported Input Formats and Extensions

  • Text Formats (extra)
    • *.text
    • *.txt
  • HTML (html)
    • *.html
    • *.htm
  • JSON (pandoc AST) (json)
    • *.json
  • Latex (latex)
    • *.latex
    • *.tex
    • *.ltx
  • Markdown (markdown)
    • *.markdown
    • *.mkd
    • *.md
    • *.pandoc
    • *.pdk
    • *.pd
    • *.pdc
  • Native Pandoc (native)
    • *.hs
  • reStructuredText (rst)
    • *.rst
  • Textile (textile)
    • *.textile

Supported Output Formats

Common output formats include:

  • PDF (pdf)
  • HTML (html)
  • RTF (rtf)

But, you can use any output format supported by Pandoc. Please check which formats your version of Pandoc supports by running:

pandoc --help

Optional Configuration

By default, all supported files will be converted into PDF files, but you can convert to HTML (or any other supported format) instead by setting the pandoc.output_format setting:

jirafs config --set pandoc.output_format html

Additionally, you can limit which files will be transformed on a format or extension basis.

To limit to only specific extensions, set the pandoc.enabled_input_extensions setting; for example, to only transform reStructuredText and textile documents into PDFs, you would run:

jirafs config --set pandoc.enabled_input_extensions rst,textile

To limit to only specific formats, set the pandoc.enabled_input_formats setting. To limit to transforming only markdown and latex documents, you could run:

jirafs config --set pandoc.enabled_input_formats markdown,latex
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