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jldaws 0.2.16

Collection of Amazon AWS related scripts

Latest Version: 0.4.27


This package contains a collection of Amazon Web Service related scripts e.g.

  • jlds3upload : automated file upload to S3
  • jlds3download : automated file download from S3
  • jldrxsqs : receive from an SQS queue to JSON/string stdout (with optional stdin trigger)
  • jldtxsqs : transmit on SQS JSON/string from stdin
  • jldleader: distributed leader election protocol manager
  • jlds3up : simple file upload to s3 with functionality to delete ‘old’ files
  • jlds3list : listing files in an S3 bucket

The philosophy behind these scripts is:

  • simplicity : each script only does 1 thing
  • reporting : status & error reporting through stderr and (optionally) JSON stdout
  • data driven : object in from src ==> object out to dst
  • data flow : piping through stdin / stdout

Scripts can easily be “composed” through standard Linux piping :

jldrxsqs @config1.txt | some_other_command | jldtxsqs @config2.txt

The data format used is JSON.


Can be performed through options on the command line or using a file (use a leading @).

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