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jlddk 0.7.8

Collection of robots

Latest Version: 0.7.37


This package contains a collection of 'robots'.
Each 'robot' is implemented with logging on stderr and processing result is output on stdout as either string or JSON.


* jldstrpkg: stdin --> formatter --> stdout
* jldwebscraper : extract anchor links from a web page
* jldfilter : filter stdin through a Python module, output on stdout
* jldcomp : compare 2 filesystem paths for difference in files
* jldfcomp : compare globs of files
* jldcat: 'cat' files to stdout, 1 per line with format 'filename contents
* jlduncat: Receive from stdin "key contents
" and write to key[.ext]
* jldjsoncat : 'cat' files to stdout by encapsulating them in JSON objects
* jldwebdl : gated web page download, source links contained in file system path
* jldinotify : path change notification over JSON/stdout
* jldfetcher : web page fetcher which takes instructions from stdin
* jldfilelist : list path files using include/exclude filter, JSON/stdout output
* jldclock : 1 second interval clock with min,hour,day markers
* jldpclean : kills processes left to pid=1
* jldtaskctl : task controller
* jldostr : outputs a string on stdout @ regular interval, pass-through for stdin-->stdout
* jldstatsubdirs: periodic status information on sub-dirs of path (JSON output & pass-through stdin-->stdout)
* jlddebouncer: debounces {key:value} pairs (JSON output & pass-through stdin-->stdout)
* jldarun : runs "agents"
* jldrun : periodically run a python callable
* jldtouch: receive filename from stdin, 'touch' filename in destination path
* jldsplitter: a semi customizable file splitter


Can be performed through options on the command line or using a file (use a leading `@`).  
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jlddk-0.7.8.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-22 51KB (md5) Source 2012-07-22 82KB