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jmbo-skeleton 0.5

Create a Jmbo project environment quickly. Includes a Jmbo demo application.

Latest Version: 0.9

Jmbo Skeleton Readme

Create a Jmbo project environment quickly. Includes a Jmbo demo application.


From the terminal:


Jmbo project environment

From the terminal:



Praekelt Foundation

  • Hedley Roos
  • Rizmari Versfeld



  1. Demo now uses location aware SQLite database.
  2. versions.cfg is updated from this version onwards.
  3. Up jmbo-foundry to 1.0, and jmbo to 1.0 since we now use a location aware database by default.


  1. Up jmbo-foundry to 0.7.2.
  2. There are now four sites since page layouts may differ between eg. basic and smart.


  1. Up django-setuptest to 0.1.2.
  2. Up jmbo-foundry to 0.7.1.
  3. Copy .gitignore when creating a new project.


  1. Webdav access now enabled. It is useful for changing CSS on QA sites on the fly.
  2. Webdav requires we backup static resources on each deploy. Added to
  3. Removed Praekelt assumption from deploy script.
  4. Up required jmbo-foundry to 0.6.3. Django 1.4 is now implicitly required.
  5. Up djangorecipe to 1.2.1 and handle case where Django name is suddenly case-sensitive when pinning.


  1. Up minimum jmbo-foundry to 0.5.
  2. Create a trivial south migration so order of migrations is correct.


  1. Dev buildout now uses git instead of https.


  1. Remove flup since it is currently broken.
  2. Create different sites for mobi and web.


  1. Templates for mid and smart layers.
  2. Server setup bug fixes.


  1. Fix manifest and up minimum jmbo-foundry to 0.4.


  1. Fix typos.


  1. Change egg name to jmbo-skeleton.


  1. Initial release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
jmbo-skeleton-0.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-10-02 25KB
jmbo_skeleton-0.5-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2012-10-02 26KB
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