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jsaone 0.1

Incremental JSON parser

Latest Version: 0.2

====== What is jsaone? ======

This is a tiny wrapper around the json module in the Python standard library, allowing to read a json file incrementally.

This can be useful for
* parsing json streams without waiting for the end of the transmission,
* parsing very big json objects without wasting RAM for the json representation itself.

It is an alternative to [[|ijson]] (written when I did not know ijson existed, but in the end more efficient).

=== Efficiency ===

No extensive tests were made (if you make them, let me know), but here are the
results (in seconds) obtained in opening a local file with 384650 objects,
totalling 174 MB:

^ Parser ^ Iteration 1 ^ Iteration 2 ^
| standard (non-incremental) json | 9.511 | 9.273 |
| cythonized jsaone | 19.055 | 18.956 |
| ijson (with yajl2 backend) | 62.250 | 64.538 |
| pure python jsaone | 421.641 | 421.821 |

Those results were obtained with the script "**tests/**".

Clearly those numbers are affected by the speed of the CPU and of the medium/stream.
In particular, since the test was made on a file from a local hard disk, the bottleneck was clearly the CPU, and hence it is disadvantageous for incremental parsers (including jsaone). If the bottleneck is given by the medium/stream, jsaone should even outperform the standard json, which will start processing only after the entire stream is received.

=== Why "jsaone" ===

Because it sounds similar to "json"... but the Saône is a (large) stream.

=== Dependencies ===

* [[|simplejson]] (Python 2.5 only)
* for speedup: [[|cython]] (at build time)

=== Installing ===

- If you use Debian or a derivative (such as Ubuntu or Mint), you can simply use the packages provided above.
- **jsaone** is on pypi, so you can install it with //pip install jsaone//
- you can extract/clone the git repo, then move in the "jsaone" folder and give the command

python build_ext --inplace

=== Usage ===

import jsaone
with open('/path/to/my/file.json') as f:
gen = jsaone.load(f)
for key, val in gen:

=== Development ===

You can browse the git repo [[|here]] or clone with
git clone git://

For bugs and enhancements, just write me - <> - ideally pointing to a git branch solving the issue/providing an enhancement.

=== License ===

Released under the GPL 3.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
jsaone-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-12 35KB