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jtypes.jpype 0.6.2b1

A Python to Java bridge (ctypes/cffi-based JPype).

Currently only as placeholder (because a base package jtypes.jvm is still in development)


A Python to Java bridge.


jtypes.jpype is a bridge between Python and Java, allowing these to intercommunicate.
It is an effort to allow Python programs full access to Java class libraries.

jtypes.jpype is a lightweight Python package, based on the ctypes or cffi library.
It is an almost fully compliant implementation of Steve Menard’s JPype package by reimplementing whole its functionality in a clean Python instead of C/C++.

About JPype:

Note from the original website:

JPype is an effort to allow python programs full access to java class libraries.
This is achieved not through re-implementing Python, as Jython/JPython has done, but rather through interfacing at the native level in both virtual machines.

Eventually, it should be possible to replace Java with python in many, though
not all, situations. JSP, Servlets, RMI servers and IDE plugins are good candidates.

Known Bugs/Limitations

  • Java classes outside of a package (in the <default>) cannot be imported.

  • Because of lack of JVM support, you cannot shutdown the JVM and then restart it.

  • Some methods rely on the “current” class/caller.
    Since calls coming directly from python code do not have a current class, these methods do not work.
    The User Manual lists all the known methods like that.


  • Either the Sun/Oracle JRE/JDK or OpenJDK.


pip install --upgrade jtypes.jpype

To ensure everything is running correctly you can run the tests using

python -m jt.jpype.tests



Copyright 2013-2017 Adam Karpierz

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
Please refer to the LICENSE file.



0.6.2b1 (2017-01-19)

  • Synchro with JPype release

0.6.1b3 (2017-01-01)

  • Third beta release.

0.6.1b1 (2016-12-04)

  • Second beta release.

0.6.1b1 (2016-09-24)

  • First beta release.

0.1.1b0 (2013-10-05)

  • Initial version.
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