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jukebox 0.3.1

Democratic Jukebox - your democratic music player

Latest Version: 0.4.1

Democratic Jukebox - your democratic music player

Ever wanted to listen to music with a larger group of people e.g. in your office? Who decides what to play? Make your music player democratic and give everyone the chance to promote their favourite song.

Jukebox provides a web interface to search your music library and vote for songs to be played. The more votes a song gets, the sooner you will listen to it.

At one point in your life your play queue might get empty. Don’t worry, the jukebox will keep on playing. The playback system figures out who is online using the web interface or API and plays music to their liking.

Required system libraries

libshout3, libshout3-dev and python-dev are required to build the dependecy python-shout.


  • Jukebox is available in english and german
  • Jukebox uses Facebook, Twitter and Github for authentication (see django-social-auth for more authentication providers)

Public Test

There is a public test server of Democratic Jukebox to try it out. Please note that the icecast server is limited to 10 listeners.



Thanks to Steffen Zieger for providing and managing the server.


Install virtualenv via pip if not alreay done:

sudo pip install virtualenv

Set up a virtualenv for jukebox:

virtualenv --no-site-packages jukebox

Install ez_setup and finally jukebox in your fresh virtual environment:

cd jukebox
bin/pip install ez_setup
bin/pip install jukebox

Now it’s time to configure the jukebox

  1. Enter admin credentials and select authentication providers
  2. Create the database
  3. Index your music

That’s all

bin/jukebox jukebox_setup
bin/jukebox syncdb
bin/jukebox jukebox_index --path=/path/to/library

The django builtin development webserver will be sufficient to serve your office or party. Just start it up:

bin/jukebox runserver ip:port

Now you’re ready to put music in the queue. Jukebox offers several methods to play it:


See jukebox_shout


See jukebox_mpg123

Feel free to fork jukebox and add additional playback modules.

Watch library for changes

There is a daemon to watch the music directory for changes and add them to the library.

bin/jukebox jukebox_watch --path=/path/to/library


jukebox_core provides a fully fledged REST API for authenticated users. See API reference

Search filters

Jukebox supports google-like search filter. Available search fields: title, artist, album, genre, year.

title:(love to dance) artist:bobby
artist:(bobby baby) lucky
title:(in ten years) genre:electronic




MIT License. See License


Clone the git repository, change directory to jukebox/jukebox/ and replace the calls to “bin/jukebox” by “python”

Release Notes


  • Initial release


  • Fixed installer bugs
  • Added personal history
  • Added system tests for api


  • Language switch
  • Sortable lists
  • Google-like search operators
  • Autoplay tries to play appropriate music
  • Improved web interface


  • fixed issue with autoplay


  • Added jukebox_watch
  • Added list of voters
  • Minor improvements


  • Improved exception handling
  • Added rss for current song
  • Minor bug fixes