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just-another-settings 1.0

Small lib to manage settings as object for Flask/Bottle/custom apps

Just a code I use in a few Bottle/Flask-based and a few other projects.

from just_another_settings import EnvSelector, EnvField

class BaseSettings(object):
    DEBUG = True
    # EnvField looks for the variable and fetches it, otherwise use value from default parameter
    HOST = EnvField('HOST', default='localhost')

class ProdSettings(BaseSettings):
    DEBUG = False
    HOST = ''

class DevSettings(BaseSettings):

# env selector - selects settings base on env values
env_selector = EnvSelector('APP_MODE', 'dev', dev=DevSettings(), prod=ProdSettings())

# value selector - selects settings base on passed(to the `choose` method) value
by_value_selector = ValueSelector(dev=DevSettings(), prod=ProdSettings())

# somewhere in main file:
# env
# by value
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just-another-settings-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-03-08 2KB