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justsearch 0.2.3

helpful Yahoo BOSS api interfacer

Yahoo BOSS Search Engine API Integration

Provides an easy way to access Yahoo's BOSS search API.


from boss_search import Searcher

#Create searcher object using Yahoo-defined API key and secret

search = Searcher(API_KEY,API_SECRET)

result = search.web_search("KEYWORDS")

#result will be a python dictionary object with the contents of the BOSS search
#furthermore, the search object can be re-used and no search data will be lost
#all searches are automatically stored in the Searcher object's "results" field
#the results field is a python list

Other Commands
Can be used to search different Yahoo search domains





Yahoo BOSS search defines several search options that you can use to modify your search results
These can be customized to the Search object as defaults. The possible fields are as follows

more specific information can be found at

Searcher.filter #used to filter out violent or pornographic results

Searcher.type #specifies the type of documents in the results (pdf,msoffice,etc)

Searcher.view #identifies the language of the document

Searcher.abstract #abstract=long will retrieve an expanded abstract for each entry
Searcher.title #returns results with the title argument in the title

Searcher.url #returns results with the url argument in the url #changes the style of the returned results (style=raw cleans out HTML)  
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