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kaeru 0.0.1

Sample configuration used for performance testing.


This is a performance test tool in the making. **Nothing you would want to use at the moment!**

Currently the intention of the tool is to automate the steps like (preparation, execution and results analysis). The steps are initiated on the console. Don't worry at a later stage the whole roundtrip will be automated.

Currently start and termination of the EC2 instances are manual processes as well. At the beginning of a test start the two instances on EC2 and add the instance ids to the environment.ini file. Provide a bigger CPU for the load generator! Do not forget to terminate the EC2 instances after you are done.

What is this?

aogaeru is a tool to performance test a single page application (SPA)

Currently it is just a prototype to show that it can be done.

Install it

pip install aogaeru

aogaeru provides a seed configuration that you may use to setup your own load testing projects. aogaeru also provides a sample configuration so you can performance test the supercar application on amazon EC2.

Note: at the current stage aogaeru package is not implemented yet. You must use the tools like rtcl, load, korg and plot directly.


The aogaeru scales up on multiple AMI instances and up to 1000 virtual users.

![Overview aogaeru performance testing tools](/doc/overview/aogaeru.png)

aogaeru consists of multiple independent tools so you can assemble a tool stack that fits your needs / liking.

You need an internet connection to be able to connect to the Amazon EC2 instances. If you are behind a corporate firewall you will need to setup your toolstack in a way that you are able to connect to the internet. Usually you will need to use / configure your corporate proxy to archive this.

ssh into the instance

ssh -i config/mfinkkey.pem

prepare the SUT

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r deploy_supercars -H supercars

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r deploy_counters -H supercars

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r start_supercars -H supercars

To make sure the supercars app is running visit with your browser the url http://<your ami="" url="">:8000/

Add the SUT url to your Loadmodel.json configuration:
"Configuration": {
"url": ""

prepare the load generator grid

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r deploy_selenium -H load-generator

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r deploy_phantomjs -H load-generator

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r start_hub -H load-generator

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r start_phantomjs -H load-generator

Visit the hub to see if all phantomjs nodes have ramped up correctly. Direct your browser to http://<your ami="" url="">:4444/grid/console

Now add the grid hub to your Loadmodel.json configuration:
"Configuration": {
"hub": ""

start the test

initialize the os counters:

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -H supercars -r start_oscounters -a 2000


load scenarios/supercars/Loadmodel.json

collect the test results

rctl -e config/mark_ec2.ini -r collect_oscounters -H supercars

also get the results.csv file from the base directory of your test.  
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