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kaneda 0.5

Configurable Python library for metrics and events reporting


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Kaneda is a Python library that allows to report events and metrics of your applications.
It provides a several builtin :doc:`metrics` methods in order to store any amount of data that you want to then
analyze it or for performance studies.

Basic usage

First of all, you need to install `Kaneda` package::

pip install kaneda

Then you need a backend in order to keep data in a persistent storage.
The following example it shows how to send metrics with Elasticsearch as a backend:

.. code-block:: python

from kaneda.backend import ElasticsearchBackend
from kaneda import Metrics

backend = ElasticsearchBackend(index_name='myindex', app_name='myapp', host='localhost',
port=9200, user='kaneda', password='kaneda')
metrics = Metrics(backend=backend)
metrics.gauge('answer_of_life', 42)

* Builtin `metrics <http:"" en="" latest="" metrics.html="">`_ functions and custom metric reports.
* Configurable reporting `backends <http:"" en="" latest="" backends.html="">`_ classes and `asynchronous <http:"" en="" latest="" queues.html="">`_ queue classes.
* Builtin Elasticsearch, MongoDB, InfluxDB and RethinkDB backends.
* Builtin Celery, RQ and ZMQ asynchronous queue classes.
* Django support.  
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