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karaage 3.1.34

Collection of Django apps to manage a clusters

Latest Version: 5.0.2

Karaage 3

**Cluster account management tool.**

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Karaage manages users and projects in a cluster and can store the data in
various backends.


Mailing list: `<http:"" cgi-bin="" mailman="" listinfo="" karaage="">`_

Old gerrit code review tool (not used anymore): `<https:"" gerrit="">`_

Karaage 2.7.x: <http:"" en="" 2.7.stable=""/>`_.

Karaage 3.x User documentation:
`<http:"" projects="" karaage-user="" en="" latest=""/>`_

Karaage 3.x Programmer documentation:
`<http:"" projects="" karaage-programmer="" en="" latest=""/>`_

Karaage 3.x Admin documentation: `<http:"" en="" latest=""/>`_

Software requirements specification:
`<http:"" projects="" karaage-srs="" en="" latest=""/>`_


Prior to Karaage 3.1.11, the various Karaage modules had been in seperate
repositories. They have now been brought together into one repo.

These modules are:

- karaage-applications (also see `Karaage 3 karaage-applications
<https:"" karaage-cluster="" karaage-applications="">`_)
- karaage-cluster-tools (also see `Karaage 3 karaage-cluster-tools
<https:"" karaage-cluster="" karaage-cluster-tools="">`_)
- karaage-software (also see `Karaage 3 karaage-software
<https:"" karaage-cluster="" karaage-software="">`_)
- karaage-usage (also see `Karaage 3 karaage-usage
<https:"" karaage-cluster="" karaage-usage="">`_)



.. todo:: Write paragraph about what the usage plugin does.

The karaage-usage plugin provides monitoring of usage information.


This plugin allows users to self register accounts with Karaage.


.. todo:: Write paragraph about what the software plugin does.


The lead developer for Karaage 3 is
`Brian May <>`_.
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