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kazoo 0.2b1

Higher Level Zookeeper Client

Latest Version: 2.4.0

kazoo implements a higher level API to Apache Zookeeper for Python clients.

See the full docs for more information.


kazoo is offered under the Apache License 2.0.


kazoo started under the Nimbus Project and through collaboration with the open-source community has been merged with code from Mozilla and the Zope Corporation.

Current Development CI Status


0.2b1 (7/27/2012)

Bug Handling

  • ZOOKEEPER-1318: SystemError is caught and rethrown as the proper invalid state exception in older zookeeper python bindings where this issue is still valid.
  • ZOOKEEPER-1431: Install the latest zc-zookeeper-static library or use the packaged ubuntu one for ubuntu 12.04 or later.
  • ZOOKEEPER-553: State handling isn’t checked via this method, we track it in a simpler manner with the watcher to ensure we know the right state.


  • Exponential backoff with jitter for retrying commands.
  • Gevent 0.13 and 1.0b support.
  • Lock, Party, SetPartitioner, and Election recipe implementations.
  • Data and Children watching API’s.
  • State transition handling with listener registering to handle session state changes (choose to fatal the app on session expiration, etc.)
  • Zookeeper logging stream redirected into Python logging channel under the name ‘Zookeeper’.
  • Base client library with handler support for threading and gevent async environments.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
kazoo-0.2b1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-28 40KB