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kez 0.1.5

CLI for tracking and building documents, specifically Pelican static blogs

A simple command line utility for tracking and building documents, specifically Pelican blogs.

Uses cliff for the user interface, together with a local sqlite database object-mapped with peewee.

Tested with Python-2.7 and Python-3.4. Unlikely to work on windows.


Add a repository containing document source files:

$ kez add myblog

Build any documents defined therein:

$ kez build myblog

Track projects:

$ kez list
| Project | Document               | Type    | Url                                                    |
| myblog  | | PELICAN | |

After building, if there is a root index.html, open the document in a browser window:

$ kez serve myblog


The source repository must have an ini-style config file called kez.cfg containing one or many sections, where each section defines a particular document. The __docroot__ value in each section should give the directory, relative to the config file, where the document sources are located (defaulting to the config file’s directory).

By convention, a double-underscored key is a build meta-option, while any other key is an option required or with meaning to the program which is called to produce the document (eg. Sphinx, Pelican,..).

Example kez.cfg

__doctype__ = pelican
AUTHOR = Buzz Lightyear (MSc Phd)
SITENAME = Beyond Infinity
ARTICLE_URL = {date:%Y}/{date:%m}/{slug}/
ARTICLE_LANG_URL = {date:%Y}/{date:%m}/{lang}/{slug}/
PAGE_URL = {slug}/
PAGE_LANG_URL = {lang}/{slug}/
ARTICLE_SAVE_AS = {date:%Y}/{date:%m}/{slug}/index.html
ARTICLE_LANG_SAVE_AS = {lang}/{date:%Y}/{date:%m}/{slug}/index.html
PAGE_SAVE_AS = {slug}/index.html
PAGE_LANG_SAVE_AS = {lang}/{slug}/index.html

Supported Document Types

  • Pelican

In the future, possibly Sphinx.


The following libraries are required:


Run tests with Python 2 or Python 3:

$ make test
$ make test PYVERSION=2
$ make test PYVERSION=3

Python 3 is the default if PYVERSION is not specified.

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