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khufu_sqlalchemy 0.5.1

SQLAlchemy bindings for Pyramid

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.0a1

khufu_sqlalchemy is meant to reduce the plumbing required to configure a SQLAlchemy based database connection with a Pyramid based web app.

Please see khufu_sqlalchemy @ github or docs/index.rst in the source distribution for full docs.


0.5.2 (Jul-10-2011)

  • Small fixes

0.5.1 (May-14-2011)

  • Fixed bad import in the paster template
  • Put in hack to work around bug with connection pooling and sqlite
  • Now uses scoped_session for session factory by default
  • sessions created by dbsession() are now closed upon finishing the request

0.5 (May-04-2011)

  • Added new khufu_sqlalchemy paster template
  • Made dbsession() lookup a little more clever

0.5b1 (Feb-28-2011)

  • Backwards incompat changes with 0.4, please stay with 0.4 to continue using middleware
  • Now uses khufu_sqlalchemy.dbsession(request) for getting the active db session
  • traversalutils was moved out (in preparation for another package

0.4a4 (Feb-20-2011)

  • Renamed from Khufu-SQLAHelper to khufu_sqlalchemy

0.4a3 (Feb-16-2011)

  • Updated project url’s

0.4a2 (Feb-11-2011)

  • Fixed small issue where decorator wasn’t working

0.4a1 (Feb-10-2011)

  • Added traversalutils for helping expose SQL-based models using traversal

0.3 (Feb-04-2011)

  • Changed with_db api to make db param optional
  • Updated docs

0.2.1 (Jan-17-2011)

  • Added use_zope_tm option to get_session_factory

0.2 (Jan-9-2011)

  • first release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
khufu_sqlalchemy-0.5.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-05-14 297KB