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kindlepush 0.1.0

Automatically send your doc to your kindle without clicking the deliver button for 3G device

Latest Version: 0.3.3

This project was created by [@blahgeek]5, now maintained by [@lord63]6.


As we all know, we can use Amazon’s free 3G network to deliver our docs, but we need to manually click the deliver buttom in the browser. This script is born to rescue us from this boring thing. Config this script, add it to the crontab and you’are done. All your docs will be sent to your kindle automatically.


  • Python 2.7
  • Requests lib
  • BeautifulSoup lib
  • Linux platform(I haven’t test it on windows)


$ sudo pip install kindlepush


  • It has a log file, you can check which file you’ve delivered.
  • Use sqlite database, don’t worry about that a doc will be missed or delivered twice.


touch a new file named kindlepush_config.json under /usr/local/bin, including those:

    "email": "xxxxxx",              # your email
    "password": "xxxxxx",           # your amazon's password
    "directory": "/path/to/save/",  # save log file and database, end with '/'
    "count": 15,                    # check how many docs evert time that whether those have been deliverred before, default 15 is one page a time.
    "number": 4                     # the default count of log messages when you read from log file

deliver your doc from your kindle library to your kindle:

$ kindlepush
delivering YOUR DOC
Done. Save to db.
delivering YOUR DOC
Done. Save to db.

read the log file to get to know the docs which you have delivered: (default is 4 messages, you can use -n NUMBER to get more information.)

$ kindlepush read
2014-08-04 09:11:48,546 [INFO] Login...
2014-08-04 09:11:52,881 [INFO] Delivering...
2014-08-04 09:11:52,886 [INFO] delivering YOURDOC
2014-08-04 09:11:53,865 [INFO] Done. Save to db.

Get help via kindlepush -h and kindlepush read -h.


see wiki



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kindlepush-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-08-04 3KB