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knighted 0.2

inject dependencies

Knighted, is heavily inspired by jeni and works only with asyncio. It allows to described dependencies, and inject them later.

For example:

from knighted import annotation, Injector

class MyInjector(Injector):

services = MyInjector()

def foo_factory():
    return 'I am foo'

def bar_factory():
    return 'I am bar'

def together_factory():
    foo = yield from services.get('foo')
    bar = yield from services.get('bar')
    return [foo, bar]

@annotate('foo', 'bar')
def fun(foo, bar):
    return {'foo': foo,
            'bar': bar}

assert (yield from services.apply(fun)) == {'foo': 'I am foo',
                                            'bar': 'I am bar'}


annotate(*args, **kwargs) annotate a func with service names.

coroutine Injector.factory(name) declare a service factory

coroutine Injector.get(name) return the service instance

coroutine Injector.apply(func, *args, **kwargs) call the annoted callable with the mounted service.

coroutine Injector.partial(func) prepare an annoted func with later services.

coroutine Injector.close() clear all cached services., and call all deferred close().

coroutine Injector.close.register(obj) defers yield from obj.close() when Injector.close() is called.

Factories don’t need to be fully qualified. For example:

def foo_factory(bar):
    return 'I am foo and ' + bar

assert (yield from services.get('prefix:baz')) == 'I am foo and baz'
assert (yield from services.get('prefix:qux')) == 'I am foo and qux'

Closing callback can be registered:

class Foo:
    def close(self):
        self.closed = True
foo = Foo()
assert foo.closed == True
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