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kombu-sqlalchemy 1.1.0

Kombu transport using SQLAlchemy as the message store.


kombu-sqlalchemy has now moved into Kombu core, so this repository is no longer in use.

To upgrade, install the latest Kombu version.



This package enables you to use SQLAlchemy as the message store for Kombu.

kombu-sqlalchemy contains a single transport, sqlakombu.transport.Transport, which is used like this:

>>> from kombu.connection import BrokerConnection
>>> c = BrokerConnection(DB_URL, transport="sqlakombu.transport.Transport")

DB_URL should be a valid SQLAlchemy database connection url in the form:



You can install kombu-sqlalchemy either via the Python Package Index (PyPI) or from source.

To install using pip,:

$ pip install kombu-sqlalchemy

To install using easy_install,:

$ easy_install kombu-sqlalchemy

If you have downloaded a source tarball you can install it by doing the following,:

$ python build
# python install # as root


This software is licensed under the New BSD License. See the LICENSE file in the top distribution directory for the full license text.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
kombu-sqlalchemy-1.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-05-10 5KB